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Fall 2015
The Magical Marty
by Dulcy Brightman

Shirley Jones & Marty Ingles
Marty Ingles
Rest in Peace

Marty Ingles, renowned comedian, actor, and talent agent, husband of actress, Shirley Jones for forty years; passed away on October 21st, 2015, at the age of 79.

It was our pleasure to meet Mr. Marty Ingles at a Hollywood Red Carpet Event. He was all heart as he addressed our cameras, and to a nervous crew who was pushed and shoved in every direction to capture some of his magic moments. He was genuinely gracious. Mr. Ingles was an extraordinary entertainer throughout many decades.

He was sure to mention his very talented Oscar Winner Actress wife, Shirley Jones, upon meeting him in May 2015 at a Hollywood California Event. I mentioned that I had seen his wife on the stage when I was a young teenager, and he was shocked that I would remember that performance some fifty years later.

What stands out in my memory is that Mr. Ingles was so generous and giving. Without any hesitation at all, he stepped before my small crew of videographers.

He knew that my (Dulcy Productions) crew was not the youngest who stood before him trying desperately to obtain a few comments from him. He embraced the moment with that famous sparkle and humor that he was known for, and was an intrinsic part of him. His smile conveyed that a mere wink was moments away.

I will always remember Mr. Ingles, for his kindness to me, the people he knew him well, and the many others he helped throughout his many years. There are too many to mention.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Shirley Jones, as he is not only a great loss to her, but to the world as well.


April, 2015

The Bay"The Bay" Series
Review by Dulcy Brightman

Life is dysfunctional. Cue to a sensational, Emmy Nominated, Independent Television Soap Opera, entitled, “The Bay Series”.

The series hitches it’s insights into Dynasty type personalities who provide a view into its entitled, privileged, characters who slush around in sex, lies, and scandals galore. There’s a reason that this is an outstanding series television.

Mary Beth Evans, beautifully embodies socialite, Sara Garrett. Sara’s youngest son, Peter Garrett, evokes slanted dynamics, played by very handsome, Kristos Andrews. In fact, each attractive cast member manages to portray the depth of “The Bay Series”.

Skillfully, created by writer/director, Gregori J. Martin, “The Bay Series” melts gracefully from one scene to another, and then to each episode. The viewer is treated to the suspense and thrills, not to mention the stunning photography which leave you invested in what is not ordinarily seen in Soap Operas.

Congratulations to Gregori J. Martin and Kristos Andrews on their 2015 Emmy Nomination for “The Bay Series”, scheduled for instant success.
Last night, the 24th of April, 2015, "THE BAY - The Series, received The Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Award. This award honors people who work behind the scenes in daytime television. Ms. Florence Henderson and Mr. Alex Trebek hosted the event at the Universal Hilton Hotel. Congratulations to Gregori J. Martin and Actor/Executive Producer, Mr. Kristos Andrews.


November, 2014
She Lived in His Shadow - Joan Gainsley Mollison
Contributed by Christie Crossling

There is little known about American Character Actress, Joan Gainsley Mollison, that has been documented due to women of her generation being perceived as almost invisible. It was commonplace for a woman in the first half of the last century to refer to herself as “Mrs.“ and her husband’s last name. However, here are a few notable items about Joan that “simply must be told”, as she would frequently say.

Joan stood no more than 4’9” tall, had a small frame, and a sweet demeanor when she spoke to her good friends, mostly actors, producers, performers, and dog lovers. Yes, she loved dogs. Every Holiday Season, she contributed to pet rescue organizations, and Jewish Family Services in New York.

Joan loved her dynamic and entertaining father; who unfortunately died at the age of forty. He used a nom de plume, so to speak, to disguise his heritage, due to overt religious discrimination in 1920‘s Chicago. Her father had owned a hugely successful, Chicago advertising company, and her mother, an artist, was considered a French beauty.

In fact, the Gainsley family were investors, if not partial owners, of the famous, and world-renowned, Pathe Film Company in Paris, France. Later, after graduating from UCLA in Los Angeles, California, with a degree in Journalism, Joan, would live in France for several years.

After leaving France, Joan found work in a downtown, Washington, D.C. café/night club as singer/performer while auditioning for film roles as a “character actress”. I knew of this night club from a high school classmate who’s father was the owner.

Joan worked in theater, television, and film as both an actress and producer. She co-produced a Summer Stock Play with Mamie Van Doren, along with her very famous pioneer aviator husband, Captain Clarence James Mollison. Joan was his fifth wife. She co-produced a television show, with her husband, that earned a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award.

The first wife of Captain James Mollison Clarence Chamberlain Carey, (1933) was Ms. Amy Johnson, the first female aviator to fly across the Pacific Ocean.

British Captain, Clarence James Mollison, overshadowed Joan’s career with the fame that came to him from his flights across the Atlantic Ocean from England. They were difficult due to flying “against the winds“. One of those flights resulted in him crashing his plane in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Later, that airport became known as “Mollison Airport”. Still later, was the greatest honor New York City can bestow on a person, that of a Ticker-Tape Parade up New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue.

Joan Mollison displayed many of her and her husband’s awards on the walls of their home during the l990’s. During that time, she was very patient with her husband as he continued his notoriously known, heavy partying, and entertaining a few of their dwindling guests. She had the longest marriage of the five women that Captain Clarence James Mollison, married.

Joan stayed active with her Public Access Shows, entitled “Joan’s World,” while continuing to audition for film parts. She actively interviewed people for her Public Access shows: many retired entertainers, producers, actors (of television, music, and film), among many others. She was friends with “The Wizard of Oz” star, Margaret Hamilton (who played the Wicked Witch of the West), who was also a height-challenged person. They laughed about that fact that they both were of short stature.

Joan appeared in a small part in Jack Nicholson’s tour-de-force film, a fan favorite, “The Shining”. Joan said she “simply adored” Mr. Nicholson, who teased her on set.

Also, in her early seventies, Joan was “hand picked” by Barbara Streisand for the final scene in the Phoenix Pictures, Barwood Films, TriStar film, “The Mirror Has Two Faces” (playing the part of an irate woman). She won the heart of Ms. Streisand, and the role as well; over a thousand actresses auditioned for that role. This feature film starred Jeff Bridges, and Barbara Streisand, and was released on November 15, 1996.

I can only state the obvious. Joan Gainsley Mollison contributed her entire life to her husband, friends, and she will be missed.

~Christie Crossling

October, 2014

Multimedia / Multi-Channel Networks
by Dulcy Brightman

The phenomenon of more audiences tuning into YouTube Shows rather than regular television viewing has created a new market. No longer can major entertainment companies adhere to traditional management negotiations for new programming. Those that do, will lose the very audiences they seek.

The online success of what would be “unknown” personalities is “proof of the pudding” such as a young man from the U.K. whose entire daily comings and goings are documented and displayed on his YouTube videos. Those ambitious new video stars of the internet are making their own mark in history due to creating their online style.

Initially, George Strompolos, who launched “Full Screen”, and formerly of YouTube, persuaded big names to sign deals, one of which includes, Fine Brothers “Kids React”. This is a web series now being produced as a show for Nickelodeon. Also, Connor Franta obtained publication of his book: “Web Confessionals”. It was published by Simon & Schuster (CBS) which attracted Thirty-Six Million viewers in July 2014.

Presently, Larry Shapiro, Head of Talent, (a Management Company) assists YouTube stars in signing traditional media and endorsement deals. Chernin Group and AT&T have signed on to “Full Screen”. “Full Screen” attracts Two Hundred - Three Hundred Million viewers. The largest viewer audience is on YouTube Networks. Dreamworks Animation, has struck a deal with “Awesomeness TV” for One Hundred Seventeen Million Dollars, and Disney bought “Maker Studios” for Five Hundred Million Dollars.

The question is will all of the Hollywood Entertainment Companies be convinced that this is the future? Will YouTube new media videos become the new “Reality Television” translated into film? How will these changes effect managers, agents, producers, and directors? Stand by.

Disney, Warner Brothers, and Comcast have wisely invested in the booming, entertaining, and successful “Multi-Channel Networks” such as YouTube which reigns supreme.

Most media companies, as of this writing, are presently pondering their commitment as to which direction they will proceed to invest in future creative ventures.

Only time will tell.


Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Howard Stern Dazzles at America's Got Talent
by Dulcy Brightman

America's Got Talent Painting by Dulcy BrightmanIt was a gorgeous February day in California to travel down to Los Angeles to see NBC-TV's filming of their summer television production: America's Got Talent! My car service took me past all the Federal Buildings, past store fronts as numerous cheap garments hung carelessly on racks on the sidewalk, in front of the Mom and Pop stores, and past the Diamond District to the final destination of The Orpheum Theater on Broadway.

The car service pulled to the very front of the very old Orpheum Theater. I got out right in front of a corded off area, and behind that stood men and women of all ages lined up from 8th Street down Broadway to 9th Street, and around the corner. This is, indeed, the old theater district of downtown Los Angeles. There are many abandoned movie theaters (which to me is rather sad that they're being used for other purposes). I noticed almost immediately that there was a V.I.P. Line, and other Security types all around drifting in and out of the theater and back out onto the sidewalk. It was at that sight which made me decide that I was not going to be left standing for any length of time.

So, without hesitation, I found myself right back in my old producer days spitting out my demands. To my surprise I was given V.I.P. Status immediately, treated like a fragile glass sculpture, and personally escorted by both a bodyguard and several security people to my seat. My information was carefully plugged into a computer by security at a table just for that purpose.

The ornate, gold embossed walls and ceilings of the Orpheum Theater were etched in elaborate designs. The television producer who sat next to me commented on the interior, and we soon struck up a television shop type conversation. We exchanged business cards, and he brought me up-to-date of the happenings of Howard Stern in the years since I left New York City. Mitch, the charming producer, told me about Howard Stern's Chauffeur, Ron. Several of the young men, who had stood silent on the street, were now shouting out "Howard", "Howard we love you!" Howard stood up several times to throw kisses in response to the adoring audience. Several shouts were "Ron…, why don't you look this way?" "Ron..., you are hiding behind the body guard. Why don't you look at us?" A young woman, at one point shouted out, "Howard, my boyfriend LOVES you!" I shouted back, "...and YOU do too!"

At various points the audience was allowed to boo, or applaud, or cross their arms in the sign of an "X" ... to show displeasure of the various performers on the stage for the America's Got Talent Auditions. Seated in front of the stage was a carefully draped rectangular table, and behind that, the 3 chairs that were placed there for Howie (Mandel), Sharon (Osborne), and Howard (Stern). Periodically, between set-ups for the talent or the break-down of equipment or "flats" (scenery) both Sharon and Howard were daubed with touch up makeup. Howard, of course was pampered by 2 females with both makeup, and hair adjustments (to excess, I might add). Howie, on- the-other-hand did not seem to want or need touch-up makeup.

My producer friend told me that the lights are no longer as hot as used to be in the old days because "cool" lights are used. The colored light bulbs, once so cheap, that are part of the set design, are now very expensive, but were attractive with blue, and magenta, that framed stage right and left. The logo of "America's Got Talent" is centered on the backdrop and can be manipulated by computer from the Technical Room" or "TD Room" as it's sometimes referred to. By the way, the "TD Room" wasn't that at all. Instead, there was a drape hung from rods surrounding the editing equipment placed in an area temporarily without seats in that section of the theater to the right of the first floor. At times, you could hear the sounds of "In-Camera Editing" being done and communications from the shadows behind the panels of charcoal grey. It was at points distracting for the audience, but later the noise ceased as one act followed another.

Sometimes, Howard Stern turned in his seat to face his audience full of fans with big smiles as they shouted out his name. Many poked fun at Howard's Chauffeur, Ron. My producer friend then explained that Ron, would have a "Reality Series", and was more paranoid than ever. Howard has found his latest personality, or lack of, to create comedy around.

I must say that Howie Mandell, was very reserved, and repeatedly gave Howard every opportunity to expand on his humor during the judging of the performances. Sharon Osborne was able to add to the humor and equaled the two well-known comics even if the judging was at odds. Many times, the appearances by the talent were judged from personal experience by the three celebrity judges. They responded to the Patriotic emotion when it came to a Marine's rap performance. He had served in Iraq. Later, Nick Cannon, the Host, with a noticeably weaker voice from two recent hospitalizations, carried the Marine's crying baby on stage. The judges then decided to pass him through to the next round of competition in Las Vegas.

When it came to the 2 tiny 6-year-olds (not together), one who danced and one who played piano, Howard was gentle in his judging. Howie and Howard both questioned the tiny little girls, knowing full well that appearances in Las Vegas were impossible. All the judges knew that the talented, but very young girls could not compete against the adult talent for the ultimate million dollar prize. Howie asked one of the girls, what did she think she could win? The tiny little girl replied, "Oh, I guess $100.00 dollars?" Howie explained, "No, it would be thousands of dollars... etc., etc."

The sentimental factor, and not always talent, was the order of the day. In fact, the audience greatly influenced the judges, who were thoughtful, kind, and humorous. It was a good start to the 7th Season of America's Got Talent.

Check your local NBC-TV listings.

~ Dulcy

Tuesday,June 7th, 2011

Filming of "What Not to Wear" / The Style Cable Network
by Dulcy Brightman

What Not to WearHere are some scenes along Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California where filming at the Kodak Theatre Complex includes the popular hit series "What Not to Wear." in late April 2011. This show changes lives. It's wonderful to see how families come together after the "make-over" of their mother, friend, brother, sister, husband, etc., that has transformed their style with gentle advice, and encouragement by the host of the show. This transformation goes from inappropriate to totally stunning, happy, and finally well dressed.

It was a "night shoot" for this hit television show, "What Not to Wear". Tourists, and visitors to Hollywood, were treated to this "live" production. There was seating for friends and family of the person whose outside appearance was dramatically changed by her "make-over".

One of the production crew was on stage and asking the friends of the woman who had the make-over to join in various competitions dreamed up by show producers. The production assistant was asking those seated, behind a roped off area of the circular interior of the Kodak complex, to tell a joke, and you get a prize! What fun it was to see children in the audience delighted by receiving acknowledgement from the adults on the elevated stage.

What Not to WearBehind the "flat" (scenery) was the director, producers of "What Not to Wear" for The Style Cable Network. Tourists were able to view the actual technical equipment, which included "monitors" (TV's), audio boards, key lights, cables, etc. The 3 large, wide-screen monitors were being closely watched by the producers and director wearing headsets.

If you visit Hollywood Boulevard you never know what to expect after walking along and running into the many impersonators. There's a Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Spiderman, Captain America, a couple of Elvis Presley's, etc., all posing with tourists (who all happen to own expensive cameras I noticed) for a fee.

What Not to WearVery noticeable are the young women who dress with super low cut tops and short skirts even when there are cold winds blowing in the evening. It seems this is the fashion most embraced by the 20 year-olds. There is a lot of nervous laughing going on as these women gather in groups and head up the boulevard.

The male Hollywood tourists appear to have their own spin on what to wear. There are usually some pretty outrageous, awkward combinations. Their way of dressing reflects an over casual style and bad color combinations. I would venture to say that producers of "What Not to Wear" have it easy in picking out people along Hollywood Boulevard who have absolutely no clue as how to dress!

Yes, it's not always stylish along Hollywood Boulevard.

~ Dulcy

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Is There Gold in the Deep?
by Dulcy Brightman

Deep GoldThe World Premiere Screening of "Deep Gold" was on Tuesday, the 19th of April, 2011. This film screening was presented at The Bigfoot Crest Theatre on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. My ticket read, "Advance Screening: Bigfoot Ascendant Presents: "Deep Gold" in conjunction with LA Weekly Screeners, that invited interested movie fans to attend. The lines were long, and this Artful Blogger was unable to be seated in the theatre due to the large attendance.

As a result, The Bigfoot Crest Theatre Management Team extended passes for those locked out of admittance to Tuesday night's Premiere Screening. The Crest offered Friday night screening invitations along with a chance to win a $1,000 Gift Certificate, and also a separate prize of a diamond ring to be presented by Radio Station 98.7 FM, TheSound@LA.com afterwards.

There was also an invitation on Friday, 22th April, 2011, Good Friday, to a local restaurant after the Q & A on stage with some of the cast to celebrate "Deep Gold" with its creator, and multi-talented filmmaker, Mr. Michael Gleissner. He is also the film's producer, director, and one of the male actors.

The other outstanding male performer, and very handsome, I might add, was Mr. Thomas Watter. Mr. Watter was born in Germany and has appeared in German movies, TV Shows, and documentaries such as "The Commissioner", "The Perfect Vacation", and makes his film debut in Bigfoot Entertainment's "Deep Gold" shot in the Philippines.

The promotional teams gave out "Deep Gold" t-shirts, hats and key chains from98.7 FM's. The generosity was greatly applauded by the audience. Mr. Gleissner one of the top underwater photographers in the world had much to say about the 3 year filming of "Deep Gold" with newly founded CEBU Films/Bigfoot Entertainment. This included some of Mr. Gleissner's own funds ($5 million) for his dream, and his first attempt at "being creative."

There are no highly paid big name actors in "Deep Gold. Instead, Mr. Gleissner called upon his friends after what he termed his "mid-life crisis". A longtime resident of the Philippines, he called upon the likes of Ms. Bebe Pham, Jaymee Ong, Amelia Jackson-Gray, and Laury Prudent, all friends. Of the cast Ms. Amelia Jackson-Gray, has the most "on camera" TV/film experience what with projects such as "Snakes", "Little Britain", "Zombie Hunters", "Halloween Night", "Journey to the Center of the Earth, "Entourage", and "The Mentalist". She does an admirable job, and it shows!

Not to be overlooked in the cast is Jaymee Ong, "Gen-X Cops", "Rave Fever", also appearing in the Michael Bay film, "Pearl Harbor". Jaymee is host of ""AXN for eBuzz" a weekly entertainment magazine program.

Another beautiful cast member is, Bebe Pham, who is one of Viet Nam's top models appearing in such publications as local Vietnamese and International Magazines. Her credits include "Irreversi", "Hui Lu", "Midnight Movie", and "The Girl with No Number".

The underwater action fight scenes between women are not only unique, but are the strongest. A force of her own is Ms. Laury Prudent, a Haitian Actress, and Miami based personality, producer of "Fashion TV - Asia", she literally steals the show! Ms. Prudent's timing, and delivery, often amusing, strikes gold every time she appears on screen. In fact, Ms. Prudent is probably going to slice through some traditional Hollywood barriers with her natural bent towards the comedic! Adam Sandler, are you listening? It is my opinion that Laury Prudent is perfect for drama and comedy. If ever there was a star on the brink, it's Laury!

Yes, there is gold in "Deep Gold"!

~ Dulcy

Spring/Summer 2011

The Legacy of Elizabeth Taylor
by Dulcy Brightman

Elizabeth TaylorIn an era of over-saturation of self-centered celebrity stories, and hype, one wonders if there will be even more in decades to come? Certainly, the advent of Twitter, Facebook, and the like, have become the new Networking of the 21st Century. Is it enough? Are there other uses for new found technology?

Take, for example, the late, Elizabeth Taylor, who knew how to seduce her public with ever engaging real life stories. It was a time when only newspapers and magazines reported scandal. Taylor embodied reinvention. There was nothing like what we have today that is the instant visual publicity due to the internet in her early years.

Elizabeth Taylor rose above illnesses, alcoholism, marriages, raising children, divorce, tragic loss of a husband, while maintaining a film career like no one else in recent memory. At times, it wasn't a particularly happy life.

Later in life, Elizabeth's humanitarianism on behalf of Aids Patients resulted in her charitable creation of AmFar/Aids Research in a time when people were most frightened by Aids, and thousands losing their lives. It was Elizabeth Taylor, who fought and won over the people in power to acknowledge that there is such an illness such as Aids! This was no small feat.

In fact, I knew the brother of the very first man who went into the hospital as a result of Aids. The man was a concert violinist, and the hospital was in New York city. None of the doctors or nurses knew how to treat the young man. He was put in an isolated room far from the other patients, while medical staff tried to figure out a solution to the mystery of why he was suffering. They couldn't. He died not too long after his terrible fight for life, after weeks in the hospital. The medical people were extremely frightened to go near this man even for his simplest of needs. Can you imagine nurses not wanting to tend to the sick?

When I first visited California, I was given the opportunity to attend one of Elizabeth Taylor's AmFar Charity Events at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. It was the early years and the economy was going strong. Many very well known celebrities came that night, and I had the pleasure of meeting them although very briefly. I'm sure none of them would have remembered me except possibly, Liza Minelli, who made a point to break away from her date and walked back to speak with me. He by the way, was furious that he hadn't gotten her into the banquet room in a speedy manner. Never mind, Liza, was good enough to speak to me in a most gracious way. I suppose it was because I addressed her in a very courteous way? Liza was very anxious to exchange some small talk (even if the press was gawking from behind me) then ran off just before the event began. Truly, Liza is a most generous person.

Elizabeth Taylor, single-handedly, raised more public interest in helping in the fight against Aids than anyone else! We owe her our gratitude.

As a result of her work the lives of many have been saved, and there is a better understanding of exactly what Aids is. All sorts of programs have been created to help all of us with fighting this deadly illness. No one deserves to die a horrible death. Elizabeth Taylor's greatest role was in helping all of humanity. I honor her memory, and my condolences to her wonderful family. I will remember her, always.

~ Dulcy

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